Management of airport disruptions

Do you know that on average 8% of an airline’s turnover is used to manage disruptions?

Do you also know that a large part of these losses are due to the inadequate operational management of handlers, ground handling companies, hotels and restaurants?

There is a different way to avoid huge losses of money, time and credibility towards passengers. DISRAPP IS THE SOLUTION

What are the advantages

  • Save money, time and employment of staff
  • Stay in control of spending in real time
  • Avoid human errors
  • Reduce the administrative management tasks
  • Solve the problems of transparency and speed up the process

Save time, operational and administrative resources. We can manage the entire process.

DISRAPP is an APP that is used only by airlines, the handlers / ground handling companies, restaurants and hotels.

How it works

The airline, in a simple and intuitive screen, has under control all of the airports where it operates. For all of the network it can access a calendar where he chooses a day or a period for which he wants to check the vouchers issued following a disruption.

It can also perform a filter for single airport or Handler.

  • The Handler (or the ground handling company), according to the agreements in place with the airline, through the App issues a Voucher at the available bar or restaurant. It indicates the flight number, date, number of passengers involved, type of meal and unit cost (cost and meal differentiated between economy, business or first class passengers). In the event of an overnight stay at the hotel, it also indicates the date and time of checkout to count the nights used.
  • In the event that there is no longer a need to use a Voucher, the Handler can close the open Voucher by inhibiting the restaurateur’s scanner, thus avoiding unnecessary loss of money.
  • Through the APP, all flights that have an open voucher are available. The restaurateur or the receptionist simply scan the barcode or QR code of the card passenger boarding.
  • It is no longer necessary for the passenger to have a printed boarding pass or a paper voucher with them because the APP is able to read the codes on any paper or electronic boarding pass thus eliminating the cost of printing vouchers and eliminating possible human errors involving, for example, the issuance of double meals.

Summing up

  • A single APP that is used simultaneously by the airline, Handler (or the ground handling company) from bars, restaurants or hotel receptions;
  • Use for the benefit of all the players in the operational chain;
  • Dismissing the paper and electronic vouchers (one cost less to the company)
  • The Handler (or the ground handling company) authorises the Vouchers via APP according to international regulations, agreements made previously or instructions that will be communicated from time to time by the airline;
  • Containment of inconvenience to passengers thanks to the speeding up of the process;
  • Control in real time the opening or closing of Vouchers on each stop and control the number of meals provided to passengers;
  • Transparency: everything that the Handler (or the ground handling company) authorises (number of passengers to be assisted, type of meals and unit cost) is also seen by the airline (the App is the same);
  • The app is able to read any type of barcode or QR code present on boarding passes printed at check-in or at home, on smartphones, tablets and smartwatches;
  • Possibility of customising of the app features on request.